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Pop . Jazz . Rock . RnB


Fresh off the third Asian tour with American Youtube artist David Choi, Matthew has been busy accompanying local singers like Serene Koong, Renny Goh, Shimona Kee and many more with his effervescent personality oozing with groovy gravy.

All evidence of his classical music background is well hidden behind the funky beats and infectious grooves laid down to today's 4-chord winning-formula songs.

Don't expect Matthew to play your favourite songs the way you know them - playing the same stuff the same way every night isn't the way to go for a kid who was bouncing off walls way before ADHD was made official.

An established musician with the exposure to all genres of music from Pop, Rock, RnB to Jazz, he plays it all, which makes him one of the most sought after keyboardist in the industry.

Compilation of Wedding Songs

We provide professional musicians for Weddings and Corporate Events.

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