Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we go about engaging your Live Band service?



The first step is to contact us !


Our coordinator will need to have a phone discussion with you to better understand your event requirements, and you can also use this time to ask us anything to clarify your doubts! This will be a no-obligation phone discussion, so don't worry! :)


If your event is a wedding, we will need to have a 20mins phone discussion, which it is preferable if your partner is also available to be at the call. We can arrange for a conference call if it is not physically possible.


You can view our list of singers on our Singers page. After the phone discussion, we will give you our recommendations on which singers to choose, based on our understanding of your expectations for your event.




2) What time will your team arrive on the Actual Day?


Lunch Events:
Sound System Crew Setup: 10.15am

Musicians for Sound Check: 11.15am


Dinner Events:

Sound System Crew Setup: 5.15pm

Musicians for Sound Check: 6.15pm


If your event is a wedding, do visit our Wedding Live Band page for a detailed breakdown of events!




3) Can we use the venue's sound system?


No, We cannot use the venue's sound system. The reason is that all venue's sound systems are made for speeches, and not performances. 


Every musician has technical audio aspects of sound to adjust, like for example, the equaliser, compression, reverb, just to name a few. If we were to use the venue's sound system, we won't have the liberty to make individual adjustments to these.


Our sound system package includes ALL instrument rental including the keyboard, mics, music stands etc, and a dedicated Sound Engineer who will be there to do a professional audio fine-tuning, making sure the audio sounds perfect for your event!


Most importantly, we are strictly not profiting from the sound system.




4) Can we choose our songs for our set list?


Yes, you can!


We will also be giving out song dedication slips on every table. This encourages audience participation as compared to only performing a fully prepared set list of songs. We recommend doing a combination of setlist and dedication slips.




5) How does your song dedication slips work?


We will be handing out 2 to 3 dedication slips per table.


In our slips, there is a "songs" section and a "messages" section, which your audience will be able to write personalised messages on it. We will be reading them out, and at the end of your event, we will pass them back to you to keep as memories!


The written dedication slips can be passed to the servers, which they will then pass to us. 




6) Are your musicians professional?


Of course they are!


Every one of our musicians goes through a strict selection process. Some of our requirements include ensuring that they have a minimum of 10 years of performing experience, and they are bilingual singers and emcees.


Check out our Videos on our musicians! :)

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