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Singer . Emcee

English Mando Canto Hokkien

Being a passionate and self-learnt singer, Andy Ong started his singing journey by challenging himself in various singing competitions. In 2016, he clinched the First Runner Up position in the singing competition hosted by Music Dreamer Live Cafe 爱琴海民歌餐厅. Subsequently being contracted as the regular singer in the cafe which eventually kick started his gig journey.


In the same year, Andy challenged himself to  龙虎榜K歌王 organised by the radio station Yes! 933 and won himself the Champion position. Followed by being the Semi Finalist in Sing! China S2 中国新歌声2新加坡海选2017 (Singapore Audition). Andy’s latest debut was in the Sheng Shiong Show 昇菘金禾歌唱新人王 (2021) for being the First Runner Up!


As an experienced singer, he has performed in various bars and cafes including Music Dreamer Live Cafe, Unplugged and Bark Cafe. Andy is able to touch the heart of many with his emotional vocal.


Compilation of Songs

Andy at Singing Competition

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