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Corporate Emcee / Host

A familiar face with masses, Amanda is no stranger to hosting crowds of diverse backgrounds. Her passion for public speaking has been cultivated since young, evident in her choice of activities such as Speech and Drama, as well as representing her college in debate competitions.


Strongly bilingual, she is able to weave seamlessly between languages, having done instant translations for Ministers at events. 

Wit and charisma make up Amanda’s flair for building quick rapport with her audience who range from distinguished Ministers to heartland folks. Her ability to think on her feet and react to situations with humour has earned her numerous compliments from clients.


Her portfolio spans National Day celebrations, hotel and product launches, gala awards, government-appointed ceremonies, fast-moving consumer goods to corporate dinner and dance.


Even more so, her affinity with the young population also led her to host for Starhub Maxtoon Kids Channel and earned her the privilege of being the appointed host for all Baby Shark shows in Singapore. 

What sets Amanda apart is her versatility to adapt to any situation and creativity to break out of the normal hosting trends. Transitioning to add digital hosting to her resume,


Amanda aims to connect with her audience regardless of the platform. Her signature dynamic energy and well-spoken demeanour will make your event one to remember!

Also, check our blog post on How To Write The Best Wedding Emcee Script that was written by Amanda!

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Hosting for Corporate Dinner & Dance

Hosting for Wedding

Carnival Hosting. DPM Thaman as G.O.H.

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Gala Premiere Hosting

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Mall Show Hosting

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