Percussionist . Cajonist

Pop . Jazz . Rock . Evergreen

Alfe is a veteran musician and has been active in perfromances and music education in Singapore for over 15 years.

Through his passion and belief, he has applied his music voice and skills across the varied and vibrant music communities of Singapore, regardless of language and music genre, from the indie to the commercial, and from the contemporary to the underground.

As a session drummer, Alfe has perfromed around the world including the UK, France, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

As a performer, he has been a member of many music groups, and bands, perfroming across music styles from Pop to Rock to Jazz.

As an educator, Alfe teaches at SG Drums Academy and also the People's Association Community Clubs. He was appointed a Mentor to youth music groups at PA events such as Youth Music Fiesta 2009 and Singapore Music Camp 2010.

Alfe is a founding member and the chairman of "drum Xchange Singapore", a non-profit group that brings drummers together in the spirit of drum knowledge sharing and community-building.

Currently, Alfe performs weekly with his bilingual music group Too Much Drama at Switch, a partnership between Timbre by Timbre, and with DiVine Band at J Bar @ M hotel.

He also keeps himself busy with performing engagements all year round, performing regularly at corporate events, concept events and weddings.

Alfe endorses Sake Drums, TRX Cymbals and Powergrea Drumsticks.

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